The Stansberry Twins

Twin sisters Brynne and Bailye Stansberry are the co-founders of TwoAlity, LLC and designers of Boots by TwoAlity™. The Stansberry twins took their high school DECA idea for clear boots with interchangeable liners from a high school marketing competition to a patented product (No. US D623,385 S) by the age of 19.

Their first product is a transparent boot with interchangeable liners, known as Boots by TwoAlity™. The design concept is a transparent boot, with interchangeable liners in a wide range of bright, fun colors. The liners and boot concept allow for versatility through the boot having 3 designs in 1; the water resistant element of rain boots, the insulation of snow boots, and the functional aspect of muck boots.

A girl can change the style and look of the boots by simply changing the liner. A concept that allows you to match any outfit or outdoor occasion! The boots wipe clean and the liners are machine washable, making for easy up keep! Brynne and Bailye perfected the design through college and are proud of their 100% made in the U.S.A. product.

The Stansberry Twins have a national presence and regularly speak at leadership and entrepreneurship conferences to encourage and inspire others. Additionally, TwoAlity, LLC, has been featured in multiple news publications across the country inclusive of radio, print, television, and social media.  TwoAlity, where fashion is a feeling!

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